If you Could Change Negative Memories.. Who would you become?

Neutralize memories to erase limiting beliefs and unwanted behaviors!

Optimize any part of your life in a single session!

Change your Memories, Change your Life…

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Transform in One Session

Applied Memory Technology™ is a proprietary process that gets life-changing results in a single session.  In a nutshell, we access stored memories that are associated with something unwanted in your life, neutralize them, and then apply new ones for a new outcome.  

Change a Behavior

From food addictions, to being quick to anger, dramatic results after 1 session is typical!

Remove Financial Blocks

Free yourself from living in lack, remove the blocks that are holding you back.

Find Love

Are you attracting the wrong people in your life? Change your signal and surround yourself with love!

Heal Trauma

PTSD, grief, depression CAN heal.  Get relief in the first session and learn 24/7 self-healing. 

Remove Pain

Back pain, mysterious pain, acne, insomnia…dramatic results in 1 session is typical! 

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Neuroscience now knows how to access and change the underlying subconscious memories that are causing blocks, limiting beliefs and dis-ease in your life!


Optimizing subconscious memories starts the process of changing how you think, feel and behave at the conscious level.  Imagine your desired life being on auto-pilot!


Using special commands we can apply new memories that will speed-up the life-changing results you are seeking.  What if you can be a different person tomorrow? 

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Our certification program provides the hands-on experience you need to become an Applied Memory Practitioner!

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