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You know the feeling.. you’re doing your life, getting up every morning, making the same choices, thinking the same thoughts, seeing the same people, and then starting all over again.  You know deep inside, change needs to happen, but what change and if you knew, how would you make these changes?

What Is Applied Memory?

Heart -Brain Coherence and Neuroscience Based Technology

Applied Memory Technology™ is a process that combines the most recent and cutting edge research on how our mind works (Neuroscience), how our heart intelligence works (Heartmath Institute), how memories are stored (Modern Psychology) and how they all communicate with each other to deliver who we are. 

The Applied Memory Technique.

We have developed a process where we are able to communicate with your stored memories, through your heart, and use special commands that your subconscious responds to.  This process affects your brain and the way you feel, think and behave after your session is over.  Its quite phenomenal and unbelievably effective. 

Mind-Heart Conditioning

After your session, you are given some special commands to use to continue to retrain what your brain has been wired to do.  The commands in the session gives your heart and mind a phenomenal head start in making enough change to have immediate results, however, we teach you to be pro-active to keep that change in place.  It’s quite remarkable. 

How Do I know If an Applied Memory Session is Right for Me?

The beauty of this work is that anyone can benefit from Applied Memory Sessions.  Even children, preteens and teens experience phenomenal results in behavior change, self-confidence, better friend choices, and the lists goes on. 

It’s really a matter of whether you’re willing to give yourself some love, and heal the parts of you that you aren’t happy about.

Who wouldn’t  want to get head start by healing and neutralizing stubborn subconscious programs that are making unwanted habits, behaviors and even illness run on auto-pilot? 

Are there side effects?

So glad you asked!  The side effects of this work is allowing more love, flow and coherence into your life!  You may feel strange sensations of peace, joy and even unexplained  moments of elation!  You might find yourself making better choices, being kinder to yourself and others.  Be aware the that intensity of emotions like anger, hate and unforgiveness may diminish.  

I'd like to see some research.

The most amazing cutting edge research that incorporates what do is found at: 


Dr. Sarah McKay is a researcher who has founded the Neo

7 Principles of Neuroscience


Will I Need more than 1 Session?

We developed the process to empower people to be pro-active in their healing and transformation.  Which means, in about 90 percent of the issues we work on only need 1 session, and the process and healing continues well beyond the session with the tools we provide you to use.  We don’t want to see you coming back for the same issue – we want to empower you to get it started with one session, and you own and complete the rest of the journey!  In the case of needing more sessions, they would be highly reduced..  

Will I have to talk during the session?

Not during the actual session.  You will close your eyes, and your practitioner does all the communicating with your subconscious.  With that said, the first 15-20 minutes of your time with your practitioner will be in discussing what goal you want to achieve from the session. 

For example,  you will choose a very specific outcome such as, reducing intense and instant anger, eating less, getting rid of insomnia, healing self hate,, getting rid of chronic pain, being kinder to a partner, being more forgiving. eliminating blocks to success, having more clarity in life decisions, improving memory, and the list can go on forever…  

Can this be done on the phone?

We actually encourage you to be in your own environment, while we connect with you via video chat or phone.  The more comfortable you feel in your surroundings, the more relaxed and open you feel when we start working with your subconscious.  The good news is that you don’t have to leave home for a session!  

Can I learn to do this myself?

Absolutely!  And we encourage it!  We have a certification program that will take you by the hand and teach you how to be an effective facilitator of change in not only your own life, but in others as well!  A very rewarding skill to have.  We believe its a must for every human being on the planet!

How It Works

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Prepare for Session

Before your appointment, you will want to make sure that your phone is turned off, and that you have set aside about an hour with no interruptions. 

Experience Results

When you encounter your first “trigger”, you will be strangely amazed at your new reaction. We can’t wait to hear about it!

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