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Applied Memory Certification

Applied Memory Certification is the best way for you to begin your career in energy medicine, even if you’ve never considered it before. This program will take you by the hand and teach you everything you need to know about how to be an effective healer. You will learn how how thoughts, behaviors, choices, and memories affect everything we do.  

As an Applied Memory Practitioner, you may see pain instantly diminish or leave the body in just minutes. Depression and anxiety and other devastating emotions may be replaced by tears of joy. Imagine how grateful your loved ones and clients will feel as you help them resolve issues that they’ve struggled with for years. Imagine how glad you’ll be that you took the time to really learn how to do The Applied Memory Modality and become a Certified Practitioner.

Word from the Founder, Eliza Steeple

Since I was a little girl, I wanted to heal people.  I wanted everyone to be happy, to feel loved and to be free from their own limiting beliefs about themselves.  I wanted to see people live the kind of lives they dreamed of, to be unlimited, to experience abundance and joy.

Being certified in many healing therapies, I have had the opportunity to touch hundreds of lives.  Our world is evolving and we now know more about how our minds work, how energy works and how we can transform faster than ever.   Neuroscience research, heart energy research, quantum physics, and consciousness are coming together and finding out how unlimited we truly are.

Apply Memory Technology™ combines all the newest research into a method of healing and transformation that is more powerful that I have ever seen.  It’s not uncommon to get transformational feedback within minutes of completing a session.

My hearts desire to to teach as many people as I can.  To spread the word, to heal the world!  

Eliza Steeple

How to Get Started

The Applied Memory Certification Program is in its early stages and will be taught in small groups, via Zoom, or one on one.  It takes about 3 hours to go through the live training, and the online training is at your own pace.  You have 3 months to complete the certification process, but you an complete it much faster than that.  


✔   Complete training with Eliza Steeple
✔  Perform sessions on 15 people and track results for 30 days. 
✔   Take a Final Exam
✔   Become a Certified Applied Memory Practitioner

Start a meaningful career…

Helping people heal and transform their lives has blessed our family in so many ways.  The ripple effect of touching the world through this kind of work is indescribable and deeply satisfying.   

It has also allowed me to have the freedom to spend time with my children as they were growing up, and now my grandchildren (6 of them!) because I can work from anywhere.  All I need is a phone and video chat!   I set my own hours, and work from everywhere!

If this is for you, now it the time to get started, the world needs healing and needs more healers.  

Start making a difference in your world today. 

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