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What is a Heal Your Heart Session?

Our “Heal Your Heart” Sessions are priced to give anyone a chance to experience a healing of the heart.  This session is a general session that heals your relationship with yourself.  When we love ourselves, shifts happens in other parts of our life.  Only one per person at discount.  Continued, more targeted sessions are $97. 


What is an Applied Memory Session?

Our “Applied Memory” Sessions are our proprietary sessions that delves deep into your subconscious memory base, neutralize the components that are causing the issue you choose to work on, then apply optimized memories to change the issue.  In this session, you choose 1 issue, such as an  unwanted  behavior, a physical condition, relationship issue, financial hardship, trauma, or whatever else you would like to change.  Very powerful.

What happens during a session?

All our sessions are very relaxing and can be done in person or on the phone.  In the first part of the session, you will talk about what you want to heal or transform.  You will get a little mini-training about how our memories work and how they can be altered.  Then, you get into a relaxed position, sitting up or laying down, and close your eyes.  A trained practitioner will be softly guiding you throughout the entire session, giving your subconscious specific healing commands, and asking you to take deep breaths.  It is a very meditative and quiet process.   Expect to spend about 30-60 minutes with your practitioner.


How long before I see results?

This is the best part!  Results can be felt immediately!  You will feel shifts in your energy during the session and will be able to tell your practitioner about them.  Behavior changes will be noticed as soon as you encounter the first opportunity to see if there is a difference – for example, if you work on food issues, the next time you eat, you will feel different about it.   This is a powerful process!

What is an MP3 Bundle?

We promote a daily pro-active routine,  which is delivered in guided sessions that you can listen to for continued healing and transformation.   This is very exclusive to this work, giving you the tools to be pro-active. 


Exclusive FB Group?

Our Secret FB Group is only for those who have had sessions and want to meet others for support.  In this group, you will also be invited to Facebook Live events and create your own case study. 

Do you have a behavior you want to change?

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